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Interviews - 19/03/2019

“My role is to be the advisor that is there whenever the entrepreneur needs it”

Guillem Sanz is a Doctor in Industrial Organization and specialist in entrepreneurship, strategy, e-commerce, marketing and sales. After being a manager of companies such as Privalia, Caprabo or ...

News - 14/01/2019

Guillem Sanz, new advisor partner at Naturitas

Naturitas, the marketplace specializing in herbal products, food supplements and natural cosmetics, has announced the incorporation of Guillem Sanz as advisor partner with the aim of ...

Events - 30/11/2018

Searching the keys to the success of an online store

In the first edition of eCommerce Success Guillem Sanz, founder of Bebitus online baby products store, has revealed some of the success factors of an e-commerce. See pdf

News - 21/11/2018

The keys for e-commerce success, to be discussed at Barcelona

Those attending the eCommerce Success event were able to learn the keys to the success of a leading e-commerce market offered by Guillem Sanz, founder of Bebitus and currently advisor for ...

News - 24/05/2018

Guillem Sanz ( “Outsourcing at CTC has allowed us growing and focusing on our core business”

The CEO of and the director of business development of GrupoUno CTC participate in the VII Alimarket Logistics Consumer Goods Meeting See pdf

Interviews - 23/05/2018

Guillem Sanz, founder of Bebitus: “I leave with a mix of melancholy and pride”

Over the past eight years, Guillem Sanz Marzá has dedicated his efforts to turning Bebitus from a startup into a successful e-commerce company in the south … See pdf