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News - 12/05/2020

A new consumer scenario marked by e-commerce and multi-channel

The coronavirus has changed in weeks consumption habits that were strongly anchored in society, even in segments of the population or categories that until now were excluded from e-commerce, ...

News - 12/05/2020

The “new normal” of e-commerce in the deescalation

The explosive growth of e-commerce during confinement decreases with the start of deescalation, but sales of outdoor products such as foldable pools or garden furniture increase and online sales ...

News - 30/04/2020

If you want a pool, buy it now

The sale of products related to gardening -from swimming pools, to barbecues, hoses, deckchairs...- has increased by 78% since the beginning of the health crisis, according to a market study ...

News - 21/04/2020

Cycling and fitness are the big winners of e-commerce

The increase in sales of sports products in the first weeks of confinement, and compared to the same period last year, is 191%, says Guillem Sanz, specialist in entrepreneurship, strategy and ...

News - 21/04/2020

Cycling and fitness, big winners of e-commerce

The coronavirus crisis affects everyone, although not everything is a tragedy, since e-commerce does not rest and offers great opportunities, such as those led by everything related to fitness ...

News - 15/04/2020

E-commerce continues to grow by 24% during confinement

The growth curve of e-commerce due to the Covid-19 epidemic is steadily increasing. Since March 21, e-commerce sales have increased by 24%, compared to the 55% growth recorded in the period from ...

Radio and television - 06/04/2020

E-commerce sales grow by 55% since the start of the confinement

E-commerce sales have grown by 55% since the start of the Covid-19 coronavirus containment, according to a study by analyst Guillem Sanz. Sales of fashion are down, but sales of sports, ...

News - 30/03/2020

E-commerce: the Covid-19 crisis that no one foresaw

A study by analyst Guillem Sanz has evaluated the online sales of 100 portals since the coronavirus Covid-19 alert was declared. According to his data, in the first days the fear of a possible ...

News - 17/12/2019

The five trends that will revolutionize e-commerce in 2020

Guillem Sanz, digital business advisor at and PrestaShop brand ambassador, has analyzed trends that will transform the ways of selling and buying online next year.

News - 04/12/2019

How to bill 32 million with a niche e-commerce

If you want to know the history of one of the most successful niche e-commerce platforms in our country, do not miss the interview of Franc Carrera, Guillem Sanz, founder of