I currently offer advisory and mentoring services for start-ups, Venture Capital and Private Equity firms, and companies immersed in digital transformation processes. I also offer my services as a speaker in events, conferences and courses on entrepreneurship, business strategy, e-commerce and digital marketing, as well as imparting master classes at business schools and collaborating in the media

All these activities focus on sharing my experience, contacts and knowledge as a way to drive forward innovative projects. It is my way of thanking society for the success I have achieved, and of contributing towards economic and business development by generating added value and creating quality employment.


Are you creating an innovative start-up related to the digital sphere, e-commerce or retail? Do you want to move forward with your company’s digital transformation? Are you an investor looking to analyze a business opportunity? With my experience as an entrepreneur and as a senior manager in national and international firms, I can give you the answers you are looking for.



Do you want an article or an interview with a successful entrepreneur and international senior manager? Do you want to share my vision of entrepreneurship, business management, e-commerce or digital marketing? Are you preparing a report on successful start-ups? Are you looking for a guest for a radio or television show? I will give due consideration to any proposal you may have.


Do you need a speaker or trainer with deep expertise in entrepreneurship, business strategy, e-commerce and marketing? I regularly take part in all kind of events, conferences, seminars, master classes, etc., organized by renowned organizations, companies and business schools. If you wish to invite me to your event, contact me to send your proposal in order check my availability and save the date.