From idea to €32M turnover with Guillem Sanz from – Podcast MASTERMINDS ESADE

Don’t miss the MASTERMINDS Esade podcast in which Franc Carreras reviews how Guillem Sanz created the Bebitus baby products e-commerce from scratch and took it to over 32 million euros, to then sell it to the European leader in the sector.

How to internationalize your eCommerce – PrestaShop Webinar

Héctor Pla, founder and Ecommerce & Marketing online manager of, an online wine shop that sells in 30 countries; and Guillem Sanz, digital business advisor, give you the keys to the internationalization of an eCommerce and the fundamentals to go abroad with guarantees of success.

From eCommerce to mCommerce – PrestaShop Webinar

In this webinar, Rafael Meléndez from Farmacia4Estaciones and Guillem Sanz, digital business advisor, explain to you why your eCommerce needs to increasingly focus on the mobile channel, how consumers use the different devices throughout their shopping trip and the basic keys to optimize your online store for mobile devices.

How to sell more on Black Friday? – PrestaShop Webinar

Learn how to sell more on Black Friday thanks to the advice of this PrestaShop webinar with Xavier Nieto, founder of and digital marketing expert, and Guillem Sanz, digital business advisor and e-commerce specialist.

How to create your online shop? – PrestaShop Webinar

In this PrestaShop webinar, Guillem Sanz (founder and former CEO of Bebitus) and Ferran Abelló (founder of explain the keys for creating a successful e-commerce, avoiding the most common mistakes of the new entrepreneurs.

Entrepreneurship involves much more than creating a company – Business Talks 2018

Interview with Guillem Sanz, founder of the successful Bebitus e-commerce company, and Digital Business consultant, in which he explains how to use “intrapreneurship” to bolster the transformation of existing companies that want to remain competitive.

To be an entrepreneur, it is not necessary to reinvent the wheel – Business Talks 2018

Learn about four innovative startups and e-commerce companies that emerged in our country and are triumphing across Europe without having invented anything new: Bebitus, Stikets, Naturitas and Innroute.

The importance of a partners’ agreement at a startup – Business Talks 2018

When creating a startup it is highly advisable to sign a partners’ agreement that stipulates the contributions and responsibilities of each of the entrepreneurs involved in the project, as well as the terms governing the possible departure of one of the founders.

How is an entrepreneur made? – Business Talks 2018

What do you need to be an entrepreneur? Guillem Sanz, founder of Bebitus and a Digital Business consultant, explains how his experience at companies such as Privalia and Caprabo prepared him to found his own e-commerce company, now a leader in the southern European market.

What does a Digital Business Advisor do? – Business Talks 2018

Do you think your startup needs guidance? Guillem Sanz, a Digital Business Advisor and the founder of the successful e-commerce company Bebitus, explains how he helps other entrepreneurs to launch, strengthen and grow their projects.