How to create your online shop? – Webinar PrestaShop

In this PrestaShop webinar, Guillem Sanz (founder and former CEO of Bebitus) and Ferran Abelló (founder of explain the keys for creating a successful e-commerce, avoiding the most common mistakes of the new entrepreneurs.

Entrepreneurship involves much more than creating a company – Business Talks 2018

Interview with Guillem Sanz, founder of the successful Bebitus e-commerce company, and Digital Business consultant, in which he explains how to use “intrapreneurship” to bolster the transformation of existing companies that want to remain competitive.

To be an entrepreneur, it is not necessary to reinvent the wheel – Business Talks 2018

Learn about four innovative startups and e-commerce companies that emerged in our country and are triumphing across Europe without having invented anything new: Bebitus, Stikets, Naturitas and Innroute.

The importance of a partners’ agreement at a startup – Business Talks 2018

When creating a startup it is highly advisable to sign a partners’ agreement that stipulates the contributions and responsibilities of each of the entrepreneurs involved in the project, as well as the terms governing the possible departure of one of the founders.

How is an entrepreneur made? – Business Talks 2018

What do you need to be an entrepreneur? Guillem Sanz, founder of Bebitus and a Digital Business consultant, explains how his experience at companies such as Privalia and Caprabo prepared him to found his own e-commerce company, now a leader in the southern European market.

What does a Digital Business Advisor do? – Business Talks 2018

Do you think your startup needs guidance? Guillem Sanz, a Digital Business Advisor and the founder of the successful e-commerce company Bebitus, explains how he helps other entrepreneurs to launch, strengthen and grow their projects.

An entrepreneur is made, not born – Business Talks 2018

We tend to think that all entrepreneurs are bright young people who decide to create a startup. The reality, however, is that most entrepreneurs are middle-aged professionals who have already been at several companies before launching their own projects.

The Bebitus elevator pitch – Business Talks 2018

Do you want to see a good example of an elevator pitch? Guillem Sanz, a consultant specialised in Digital Business, sums up, in one minute, the business model of Bebitus, the southern Europe’s leading baby products e-commerce company, which he founded.

How to innovate in the launch of a product or service – Business Talks 2018

Guillem Sanz, a consultant specialising in Digital Business, explains how your company can innovate in the launch of a product or service through “intrapreneurship”. Video taken from the Business Talks 2018 event, organised by Michael Page and IESE.

What can be outsourced, and what cannot – Business Talks 2018

Outsourcing is an important decision for a startup, but entrepreneurs must be clear about what things can be outsourced (logistics, online presence, etc.) and what cannot (marketing management, strategic management, finance, etc.)