Bachelor’s in Statistics from the Autonomous University of Barcelona. Graduated with honours from the Science Faculty


Bachelor’s degree in the Faculty of Mathematics from Complutense University of Madrid


Joined the multinational Eurofred as Logistics Manager


Joined Caprabo as Logistics and Supply Manager


Joined Privalia as Global Supply Chain Manager


PhD in Industrial Organization from the Barcelona School of Industrial Engineering


Foundation of Bebitus, the first babycare e-commerce company in Southern Europe


Bebitus’s leadership in the Spanish online babycare market


Cartera de Inversiones CM, the family office of the Molins-Gil family, joins Bebitus’ shareholders


Expansion of Bebitus into France and Portugal


Sale of Bebitus to Windeln.de, European leader in online babycare, which is listed on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange


The OCU chooses Bebitus as the seventh best online store in Spain


Admission as advisor to Venture Capital and Private Equity firms

Guillem Sanz

A trajectory of more than 20 years as a global executive and digital entrepreneur

My name is Guillem Sanz (Barcelona, 1977) and I have a PhD in Industrial Organization from Universidad Politécnica de Catalunya. Between 2011 and 2018 I founded and managed Bebitus, the leading e-commerce company for baby care products in Southern Europe. In 2015 I sold Bebitus to Windeln.de, the largest European group in the sector. I previously held senior managerial positions at leading companies on the national and international market such as Privalia and Caprabo.

I currently work as an adviser for venture capital and private equity companies, firms looking to expand their business, and start-ups. I also share my knowledge through symposiums, master classes in business schools and appearances in the media. Find out more by contacting me directly or via LinkedIn.

Advisor, speaker and collaborator

I offer advisory services for start-ups, Venture Capital and Private Equity firms, and companies currently involved in digital transformation processes. I also offer my services as a speaker in events, conferences and courses on entrepreneurship, business strategy, e-commerce and digital marketing. I also give master classes in business schools and I am often invited to collaborate in the media.

I want to share my experience, contacts and knowledge with other entrepreneurs, business owners and professionals as a way to thank society for the success I have achieved in my professional career and to contribute to the development of new ground-breaking projects.

Experience as an entrepreneur

I am the founder of Bebitus, the leading e-commerce company in the baby care sector in southern Europe, which I managed for seven years until it was fully implemented in Spain, Portugal and France.

Created in 2011, Bebitus is the only online babycare shop where mothers and fathers can find all types of products for babies available in childcare shops, supermarkets and parapharmacies, and conveniently receive them on their doorstep in 24 hours. For this, we have direct agreements with more than 300 brands, which allows us to offer more than 15,000 products, the largest selection that exists on the market.

In 2015, I sold Bebitus to Windeln.de, Europe’s largest online baby care group. Apart from being the CEO of Bebitus, I headed up Windeln.de’s business unit for Southern Europe, where I was in charge of drawing up the strategy and overseeing the development of the company in the three countries it operated in, up until my departure in June 2018.

Previous projects

Before creating Bebitus, I was General Manager of the Supply Chain Privalia, a private online sales club for top brands founded in 2006. As Privalia’s logistics responsible, I managed 20,000 m2 of logistics centres and I had a key role in the process of moving towards a comprehensive supply chain approach in the markets in four international markets (Spain, Italy, Brazil and Mexico).

Prior to this, I was Logistics Manager at Caprabo, a large food distribution company with turnover of 2,300 million euros in 2010. I managed 11 distribution centres across Spain, more than 1,500 workers, 600 vehicles and 15,000 products. Following Caprabo’s integration into the Eroski Group, I led the process of consolidation and optimization of the new organization’s supply chain.

I previously worked as Logistics Manager at Eurofred, an international air conditioning and cooling system distribution company. I was also Logistics Manager at the purchasing centre Cealco, and Logistics Consultant for Mecalux, a leading company in storage systems, with a presence in 70 countries.

Awards and achievements

I am a Doctor Summa Cum Laude of Industrial Organization from the Polytechnic University of Catalonia.

Amongst other honours, I was part of the AECOC’s Logistics Committee and ECR; I was nominated for the Manager of the Year Prize 2009 by the Logistics Managers Club; and I was a Finalist for the 2007 Logistics Prize from Logística y Transporte magazine.

In addition, I carried out a research project on urban freight distribution for the Diputación de Barcelona, and developed a course on international trade for IKN Spain, Institute of Knowledge & Networking (previously IIR Written Course).

  • Ramón Solé
    Ramón Solé Managing Partner at Gladia Capital

    “Since the first time I met Guillem eight years ago, what has remained deeply imprinted in my mind has been his smart and unique combination of: determination and modesty, listening skills and depth of speech, vision for the future and attention to detail , eagerness to learn and leadership, deep rooted teaching skills, his curiosity, ambition and generosity; indeed, he is likely the best businessman/human being I have ever met”.

  • Alberto Ojinaga
    Alberto Ojinaga CEO at Caprabo (2010- 2015)

    “Guillem joined Caprabo as Supply Chain Director in 2008, reporting directly to me. He was the youngest C-level appointed in Caprabo ever. His strong will, commitment, and results driven approach made of him one of the pillars in a difficult turnaround process. Guillem has the ability to combine vision with analytical capabilities and from there focus on what will make things change.”

  • Konstantin Urban
    Konstantin Urban Co-CEO and Co-Founder at Windeln.de (2010-2017)

    “Guillem is the kind of entrepreneur you want to back an a VC. Hard driving, love for details and very passionate about his work. I enjoyed working with him and I hope he will start some new venture in the future.”

  • Joaquín Pascuas
    Joaquín Pascuas Managing Director at Cartera de Inversiones CM

    “Regarding Guillem I want to highlight his tenacity and perseverance, as well as his intelligence and strategic vision in the operational, logistics, etc. He has another increasingly scarce value that is none other than his ability to listen and stop to think with you about business issues, despite the rapid transformation in which the digital world surrounds us... In short, an entrepreneur from head to toe, which makes the difficult seem easy and above all has its own style to transmit that makes you feel comfortable and close.”